JUICE Technologies with ECC on Cyber-Crime Awareness

JUICE Technologies was honoured to recently partner with the Early Childcare Council (ECC) to deliver an informal presentation addressing people-centric cyber awareness. Since the Pandemic, there’s been a marked increase in cyber-crime activity, with some sources estimating it to be as high as 600%! Cyber breaches can have a very tangible and profound impact on business operations, and the ECE sector is not been immune to this impact.

The ECC “Lunch ‘n Learn” webinar series was a valuable opportunity for JUICE to provide ECC members a short, “jargon free” presentation to highlight the changing landscape of cyber-crime. With a notable increase in phishing type activity, the people in your business are the new target for much criminal activity.

“It is alarming that cyber-criminal activity in 2021 was estimated to be a $1.5 trillion dollar “industry”; larger than the combined revenues of all illicit drug trades”. “We’ve seen real world examples of how this activity has impacted ECE services and their ability to conduct their businesses efficiently”.

As the largest early childhood education employers’ organisation, we’re closely aligned and proud to support the ECC in driving “the provision of quality childhood education services”. With a core driver to allow customers to focus on quality care for children, JUICE sees raising awareness of this issue as valuable to our customers and the wider industry.

“JUICE Technologies’ cyber awareness presentation was well received by our members. The positive feedback we received clearly highlighted the value of the real-life insights and practical takeaways presented in a plain language format.”

-Simon Laube, ECC CEO

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